SONIC EVOLUTION is a new upcoming Sonic the Hedgeghog fangame that is coming to bring a new, avant-garde experience in Sonic games with a renewed 'Spirit of Sonic'. Finding the ‘Spirit of Sonic”: To the character, the adventurer spirit to explore the real world. To his personality, fighting for justice, with comical and irreverent character. To gameplay, recovery of great series elements, and injecting new ones to evolve. The new concepts are essential to keep the experience renewed. To the story, focus in bind loosened knots on the series, while adding a new mythology based on existing elements. All this while creating an original experience instead of trying to follow any existing games formulas. “Welcome to an evolved and cinematic Sonic adventure experience. From realistic to abstract and surrealistic.”
​ Sonic Evolution aim is to have state of the art controls, physics and graphics. And it makes a sincere effort to make this dream a reality. Mixing the best elements of the series like classic physics and branched level design, while avoiding serious known mistakes. Apealing to life like graphics for an amazing new depth of exploration and experience what high speed exploration would really be, while having abstractism and surrealism like the characters and special stages. You can follow the updates thought the blog devlog on this page, which is mirrored in the Facebook page, as well as the videos released on the Youtube channel.

General Design

  • Avoid bad or regular level design ideas. Apply classics ideas on 3d space;
  • Mechanics from several games, specially classics in 3d;
  • Use of slope physics in the scenario and terrain for gaining/losing speed and momentum;
  • Branched paths with more risk/reward on each paths;
  • No linearity, automation, scripts or event based, play creativelly instead of having the game playing for you!;
  • Sonic CD inspired exploration: interconnected level, no unnecessary bottomless pits on every level or insta kill hazards, ways to change paths;
  • No rank system locking you. Make your best score and time on game modes;
  • Warp Rings to go to Special Stages;
  • 4 gameplay modes - Score Attack, Time Attack, Ring Attack and Trail Attack;
  • Explorable background with itens, enemies and secrets for devoted players;
  • Special Stages are their own levels;
  • Interconnected open world to levels, with missions and NPC’s;
  • Exploration areas inside the levels, with secrets, battles, collectables and warp rings;
  • Complex and fast battles with infantry badnicks and tactical gunners;
  • Skills uses energy, no more fun-break with homing attack or boost turning enemies into cones. No more brainless boost for Sonic, use Spin Dash instead and take advantage of the scenario;
  • RPG system with status, exp, unlocklable skills, equipment and consumables; Old skills rethought. Ex.: Light Attack with no stand still charge but slows down speed; Toogable skills;
  • Exclusive skills adjusted for combat and mobility;
  • Skills divided into mobility (ex. Spin Dash), attacks (ex. Insta Shield), special (ex. Sonic Wind) and finishers (ex. light attack);

Art Direction

  • Futuristic gimmicks design;
  • New shaped Chaos Emerald Origin – a 7 side diminished trigonal trapezohedron (Chestahedron), a polyhedron that follows universal design rules;
  • Realistic main levels, surrealistic Special Stages;
  • Special Stages inspired on ideas from Sonic CD. Level themes made by the emeralds based on humans knowledge;
  • Boss mechanics with influences from Adventures and Sonic CD death race;
  • War machine Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles designs;
  • Models based on Sonic 06 sillhouette to the realistic world;
  • Cutscenes use ingame graphics with Unreal Sequencer, with Portuguese/English dubs.


  • Authored in Epic Unreal Engine 4, the most advanced and leading game engine software;
  • Uses a custom efficient and optimized codebase for managing its gameplay elements;
  • Uses lastest graphics technologies to bring the most realistic effects such as raytracing shadows and reflections, global illumination, volumetric clouds, parallax occlusion mapping, physical based shaders, gpu particle effects, post processing and others;
  • Procedural modelling, shaders and objects placement were used to develop the game faster with the best results possible.
  • Compartibility with DirectX 12 for maximum speed and best hardware use.


FANG THE SNIPER is back! And with him many mercenaries that wants to control weapons and tech to look for the “world greatest treasure”, the Chaos Emeralds, capable of fulfilling the wishes of a person and giving it imensurable power.
G.U.N, after knowing of a terrorist attack in Tokyo, sends Shadow the Hedgehog and his team, lead by Rouge the Bat to stop Fang and his men. In the way, Shadow meets Sonic in his travels, that heard of Fang attacks. Now they have to learn to work together to confront their enemy or be defeated separatedely. Meanwhile, they discover that they are getting into something much more deeper than it seems.
A reviewed Storybook is being in the works. The story includes:

  • A deeper story than normally expected from official games;
  • Characters aren't always winning, or don't win without some backlash;
  • Story following modern with strong relationship with classic roots;
  • Recurring bosses as Fang the Sniper, Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles;
  • Web of events and unexpected events;
  • Use of cliffhangers and plot-twist at some moments;
  • Suspense elements;
  • Comedic moments mix;

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG EVOLUTION is a non-profit project. It is not endorssed or affiliated with SEGA and its branches
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG characters © SEGA, SEGA, the SEGA logo and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG characters © SEGA, SEGA, the SEGA logo and Sonic The Hedgehog are registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved.

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